5 stars Jamblers

Just spent an hour with my 3-year old making great tracks! Album coming out soon!
Wow! this is the best music app I’ve ever seen. You kind of click randomly and it generates bass, drum and melody beats that sync together and sound good together.
The app works flawlessly and can even be operated by my little daughter.
It’s almost impossible to fail to make a cool beat.
Great app idea, makes music creation accessible to people who have no idea what they are doing...
Totally loving it and playing with it daily! Thank you so much for this intuitive and well designed app. Adds so much fun to rainy autumn nights.
Works like a charm and love the simpleness of it all.
I love the App. To be honest it’s probably the best app I’ve downloaded on my phone.
Downloaded just now on a slow train towards Hamburg. I don’t care how long this ride takes. Awesome app!